EP Launched.

Yesterday was fantastic.  My record came out for sale in the morning digitally and by the evening I had stood up on stage and performed a brand new one off set for the show.  This included a drum and bass remix of one of my favourite songs at the moment ‘Video Games’ by Lana Del Rey.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that came down to the night.  Especially those who travelled from all over England, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Big up the Bristol Massive you are my solid support network and have seen an endless number of shows, you lot spur me on to do more shows, write more tunes, and release another EP.  Yes thats right one day after all this madness has finished im already onto the next one.

To everyone that thought I would be on stage at 11pm, Im really sorry but the Croft had double booked the room, meaning I was on until just before 10pm.  I am sorry to dissappoint those who made the effort to come down to see me and missed the show.

I have a few number of hard copies of the EP left, they are on sale for £5 including postage.  You can purchase one of these by sending me a message at miss(dot)kayla(dot)painter(@)gmail(dot)com (- payment through Paypal)

You can also find me on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon.

With so many thanks to..

That Hidden Promise:

Nova Robotics:

James Southall for the wonderful visuals:

Joe McCarthy – for last minute sourcing of a projector.
Gareth – in house sound at The Croft, technical and moral support you were a pleasure to work with.

And of course everyone that came down or has shown their support in some way to make this all possible.

Now, im off to Europe.