New Release – Auriga

EP Release: Auriga

I’m excited to announce my new EP ‘Auriga’ will be out on the 14th of June on cassette tape.  There are only 50 cassettes being made so place pre orders over on bandcamp quickly.

Auriga, or the constellation between Perseus and Gemini draws on the ever expanding exploration of the Universe. Auriga delves into themes of ambient space, with all tracks composed in 2017. Auriga explores a unique process of composition, this short period of writing with almost immediate releasing is intentional and aims to provide a colourful listen with a unique closeness to the artistic process.


I was really interested in exploring what happens to tracks after you’ve finished
them, those painstaking sessions where you revisit the ideas over months or
years, tweaking and moving, and rearranging. Whilst I see the value in this process, some of my better tracks have been written in one day. I wanted to write the ideas and not agonise over the details of it not being ‘right’, to give it more of a warmth and a realness to it.

In addition to this Auriga uses a fairly narrow set of sounds and instruments.  Relying heavily on vocal processing and samples from only a handful of instruments, the 5 track EP paints a picture of a moment in time.  One of the instruments you’ll hear is a 12 string acoustic guitar which was hand built by Kayla’s father.

I was particularly excited to use my new 12 string acoustic guitar in this composition which my Dad built for me last year. Like most of the instruments I play I tend to not play them necessarily conventionally, it doesn’t interest me sonically to play with a focus on technical ability, more an interest in the sounds that an instrument can make. It features heavily on this EP as I was as I was excited to record it and explore its potential. Whilst writing these tracks I was in a phase of using basic mics and not cleaning the sounds up too much, again to add to the warmth and realness of the sounds.

The EP also includes the track Kayla wrote for Independent Venue Week, Seed,
featuring samples from Yo No Se and Yama Warashi. Released on Kiran Records
the EP comes out on 14th June on cassette tape. The tape comes wrapped in a date stamped newspaper, in line with the concept of the EP representing a snapshot of time. Releasing music around the time of a general election, or the world cup, or the olympics, is generally considered pointless, but Kayla hopes this release will bring relief from the other topics dominating our screens.

There are 50 cassettes available to buy so get your preorder in now. Pre orders will get an immediate download of one track from the EP.

tape shot 4


Upcoming dates:

June 4th – Old E 2 Day Scorch (Old England)

June 10th – Gateway to Another Dimension Festival – St Stephens Church, Bristol

June 16th – Semtek + Kasra V + Kayla Painter (DJ Set)- The Love inn

June 22nd – Wilson  Art Gallery Cheltenham (headline show)

June 30th – supporting LTO Album Launch, Cafe Kino

July 7th – Roll For The Soul (headline show)

July 22nd – Bristol Harbour Festival (DJ Set)

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Glastonbury Festival! and dates…


It is AMAZING to finally share this with everyone as I found out in January that i’d be playing Glastonbury Festival.

I am particularly excited to play this festival, not because of Adele.., or because of it being full of lots and lots of people, but mainly because when I told my Dad he stopped dead on the phone and when completely quiet, and when I told my mum she shrieked so much I think my earpiece in my phone broke.

Glastonbury is a great festival, one of many great festivals, but it is the only one that spanned generations and countries enough for my Grandma to be congratulating me, knowing the importance of it, as well as my relatives in Australia. and for that experience, I am really really grateful. All of the hard work my family have put into supporting what I do, and I’ve finally been able to turn around and say, i’m doing something which you can understand the cultural significance of. It’s a really bloody nice feeling.