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Supreme Being – Gyu

Supreme Being – Gyu from Drawn on Vimeo.

Here’s a little (big) project that I worked on with James for the artist Gyu. We shot footage mostly over Wales and Scotland as well as some experiments in our home made studio!


You can buy the track here

Official Premier here

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Drawn Recordings Presents.. 01.11.2012

So last night was another fabulous night put on by Drawn Recordings at Mr Wolfs.

Stantz headlined the night with a wonderful set, and some live visuals.

Warpspeed Orchestra played an upbeat set and got everyone bouncing around.
I opened the night trying out my new material. (due for release through Bit Phalanx soon.)


photos from JamesNathan.. thank you

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Next Show

November 1st 2012.

Looking forwards to this show, should be a lovely audio visual night from Drawn Recordings.


Warp Speed Orchestra

and meeeee.




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Bit Phalanx Podcast Vol. #07

Back in August I played a gig with Drawn Recordings, the night was blast.  Since the show I have been chatting with some lovely chaps who run Bit-Phalanx a electronic music netlabel.
Here’s their latest podcast where you can listen to some rather tasty electronica, and they were kind enough to play my new song Ga Ga too.

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Drawn Recordings 02.08.2012

What a gig.
Played at Mr Wolfs, Bristol.

I started the night off with some of my usual blip blip beep boom boom de dum dum dum.

T-toe. no shoes.


Materia. Globular midi controller!

The good photos are courtesy  of Jan Warnstam, thanks. The bad ones are from my phone. my iphone. showing me up again.
Oh what a night.

Materia can be found: http://www.materiamusic.com/

T-toe can be found: http://t-toe.net/

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Radio Interview , Ujima FM

A while ago back in March, I was invited down to Ujima FM for a radio interview.

Last night was the night booked in, I appeared on the 11 o clock subsession show with presenter Titus 12.  It was actually my first radio interview so I was slightly nervous, I already know how difficult it is to talk about the music you make to people,  but this was another level! It is very difficult to talk about what you do live on air, making sure you get the right words out and you dont end coming off wrong.. seeing as I felt as though it might go horribly wrong, or I might make some new words up on the spot , I think I stepped up to it and actually sounded pretty caszhe ( slang for ‘casual’ term, see Caszhe for full definition).

I got to bring a selection of tunes that I like and inspire me as well as have a little chat about what I do, and then a live mix..So there’s plenty in there for your ears.

You can listen to it here:

Kayla Live on Ujima FM

You can also download it there.

Wicked. Thanks to Ujima FM and titus 12 for having me down really enjoyed visiting and my first radio interview!

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Drawn Recordings, Bank Holiday all day-er.


Yesterday I played a set at No.51 on Stokes Croft in Bristol.  Drawn Recordings – Bank Holiday all dayer.

I was on at 8pm and by this time the live drawing had just come to a finish in the garden and the evening was kicking off.  Was great fun to play another venue in Bristol, and to be involved with such a nice event.  I followed a folky duo on to the stage and played for half an hour.  After my set was Bannau (Jamie Thomas) – also a graduate from the music course at Newport University.Was a lovely night and a good way to enjoy the bank holiday monday.

Live drawing in the garden – Holly Maguire‘s finished piece below.


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update and hello.

As I’ve been a bit quiet lately, I thought it might be nice to do a little post update thing.
I’ve been busy writing a new track, a snippet of which has appeared in a few of my you tube videos and my new set. . seems to have had a positive response so I’m working on getting that done and ready to release as a single along with a secret track that i’ve held back from putting online.. but has been very popular live.

I have been fortunate enough to be asked to play a few events over the next week.

  • Firstly Im playing a set at Drawn Recordings All Day event on Bank Holiday Monday 4th June, check out info here.

Its a drawing musicing and pizza eating event followed by another bank holiday we’re all being a bit spoilt arent we.

  • Secondly Im playing a set at a new event by a new team of peeps which im really looking forward to.
    On the 8th of June I’ll be doing an hours set at Timbuk2 for a night put on by Ilkin. Link to the event here.Bringing us a night of fresh contemporary electronic sounds. Ilkin have put on another fantastic line up, at the top of if we have the likes of ELIPHINO. The unbelievable success of his latest ‘somethinksounds’ release has shown that this is set to be a massive year for this young producer.I am very excited to see this night and am so glad to be on the line up with such great artists.
  • Thirdly, 10th of June, Sunday.  The Croft.  My second time at the croft will be a good one, I’ll be in the back room this time allowing a more easy set up of projections.  I’ll be joining these fellows on stage: Vibratronic, Microdeform, Spaces Between.  Tickets £3 advance, available here.

So thats (nearly) it for me for June.  Apart from this I will be doing a radio interview for Ujima FM, as well as a live set on air.. date and link to listen coming soon!

Big up Queenie.

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EP Review from Igloo Magazine.

Launching my first record was a big challenge and time consuming exercise.  During the six months of pulling it all together I have met some invaluable contacts within the industry.  I was fortunate enough to have a review written about my shiny new EP by a Gustave Savy.  Gus has listened to my EP, seen the live show and written a wonderful review about it on igloomag.com.  Here Gus talks about the difficulties you can face with self releasing and describes the EP as “floaty ambience, interesting rhythms, sultry vocals and the odd bit of low end to keep you on your toes..”

Read the full review here.

Thanks to igloomag, Gus and Drawn Recordings.

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