Skyboat – The Dead Astronaut ( Kayla Painter Remix )

A remix for The Dead Astronaut!


Remix EP

I thought it was time to put out a Remix collection.
So here it is, just in time for Christmas, a three track free EP.
I’ve remixed Bristol musicians and explored styles I don’t usually fully immerse myself in with my original music. close your eyes and turn up the volume.

Happy Christmas




‘Kayla Painter’ (Revised Edition)

Bit-Phalanx Music – BITPEP021DL
Free download EP available at:
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‘Square’ preview on Soundcloud:
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‘Kayla Painter’ EP & Biog press release PDF:

New track, Remix of ‘Time’ by Chase and Status Feat. Delilah.

For the past week I’ve wanted to start something new and fresh to blast out any cobwebs.  I started to make a tune and realised i’d written the same melody as the Chase and Status track ‘Time’ feat. Delilah.  As i’d written this unintentionally I decided it might be a good idea to just work with the tune and remix the melody rather than work against it, when it was clearly coming out of me anyway.

So I just made a throw away version of it myself.  After i’d finished the track, I went looking to see what other remix’s had been done, and I saw that there was a remix competition for this track a while ago.  So there are plenty out there, but here’s mine.

I used Logic to make this track. I used the EXS24 a lot in this one, as well as a Ultrabeat and the vocals from the original track.

Original Track: