Rock The Boat Thekla – 19th April 2012

On Thursday I played a gig at Thekla supporting the wonderful Uh Huh Her on their European tour. I arrived at Thekla to Uh Huh Her sound checking. I have to admit I found it strange being in Thekla in the day time, and when it was empty. When i set up i was surprised how everything just fell in to place and worked perfectly, having a fixed projector and a permanent screen helped a lot. I didn’t really feel ready for the gig as I had to rush down straight after my day job and my head wasn’t really in the mode I needed it to be, and seeing people queuing up outside the door at 6.30pm (to see Uh Huh Her) didn’t calm my nerves. Getting on with the set, I began whilst the crowd were already positioned right the front of the stage to see the much anticipated performance of the headliners.  After i’d got to about six minutes into the set I started to really get into it, and I suddenly heard someone behind me playing live drums along to my track.  I was a little too confused as to who it might be, because I only know one drummer who can drum like that and she’s rarely in the country.  Without wanting to take my eyes off what i was doing I just continued playing and really started getting into the live drums mixed with my wonky beats. The chap stood up after we’d jammed out for a while and picked up the microphone, – turns out it was Josh the drummer for Uh Huh Her.  He gave a big hello and shout out to the audience for me which really was more than I could have hoped for from the band.  The rest of the set flowed along and I managed to make a better stab at my Lana Del Rey cover this time, and also snuck in a little cheeky Celine Dion (My Heart Will Go On) with respect to the recent anniversary of the Titanic’s voyage.  This seemed even more suitable as we were playing this gig on a boat.

By the end the crowd were dancing and cheering and I really felt well recieved despite being a fairly different genre to the headline act.  As I usually stand and bob around facing the front I never get a chance to see the visuals in their full glory but luckily I have some great footage and photographs from the night too so I can sit back and watch it from the audience’s view.

Big thanks to Camila, Leisha, Josh and Jamie.  It was wonderful to meet you all , you really made my night a lot of fun and I really hope we cross paths again perhaps on your side of the pond….
Also cheers to Mike, Harriet and Patrick.. thanks for having me was a real pleasure to play on Thekla and I’d love to come back anytime you’ll have me.



Gig at Thekla this Thursday.

This week i’ve got the exciting opportunity to play at Bristol’s Thekla (for those non Bristol people Thekla is a club/venue on a boat, with a famous banksy piece on the side of the boat).

I am getting the opportunity to play on Thekla’s stage which has had some huge and respectable artists. The last gig I went to there was the amazing Caribou a year or so back.
On Thursday I am going to be supporting a band called Uh Huh Her, a two piece female band from California. Signed to Nettwerk ‘Uh Huh Her’ are on their forth big tour with ten dates across Europe.  After releasing two full albums and two EPs the band seem to be a huge success across the globe, and im excited to share a stage with them this week.

If you are coming along this week.
Thursday 19th April
Thekla Bristol
Doors at 7pm
age 14 +
tickets £12 adv available from Thekla or Bristol Ticket Shop.
If you are coming to support me and pay on the door, please let me know and i’ll be able to get you on the cheap list (missDOTkaylaDOTpainterATgmailDOTcom) – you must tell me before 5 pm thursday.